Alexandros Konstantinidis


Tel: 23210 49407
Office: ΣΤ126 (1ος Όροφος)
Collaboration Hours: Thursday11:00-13:00

Diploma in Surveying Engineering, A.U.Th.

Postgraduate studies:

  • Postgraduate Studies in the Specialization of Vessel Improvements, Department of Agriculture, A.U.Th.
  • PhD Candidate (2006) Department of Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Regional Development Engineering, Polytechnic School of the University of Thessaly


  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 
  • Introduction to Cartography
  • Applications of Geographic Information Systems
  • Cartography

Scientific Knowledge Object:

Geographic Information Systems

Research, Professional and Teaching Experience:

  • Practicing a Freelance Profession within the scientific area of ​​the Surveyor Engineer since 1992 (AEM TEE 55865/89), as a Public and Private Works researcher in the categories 16 - Topography Studies and 13 - Hydraulic Works Studies of the Register of Researchers, as a researcher in applications of Geographical Information Systems, as well as in educational matters in all of the aforementioned objects.
  • Instructor in a number of seminars on Geographical Information Systems, CAD Automatic Design Systems, as well as cartographic concepts and procedures (1992-2003).
  • Basic instructor at the Epanomi Vocational Training Institute - branch "Expert in Geographical Information Systems" (1996-2004).
  • Lecturer in the discipline of "Geographic Information Systems" at the Department of Geoinformatics and Surveying of TEI of Serres (2003-2019).
  • Teaching experience in the Interinstitutional Master's Program "Prevention & Management of Natural Disasters", resulting from the partnership of the Department of Geoinformatics & Topography with the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of EKPA.
  • Participation in 16 research projects.

Publications - Author work:

  • Articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals: 1
  • Participation in conferences with presentation (with judges): 14
  • References to published conference proceedings: 4
  • Other publications: 26
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