Eleftherios Panagiotopoulos


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Curriculum Vitae

Basic qualification:

Diploma of the Polytechnic School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki(AUTh.)(1979)

Postgraduate studies:

  • Master's degree specializing in the Environmental planning of cities and buildings, from the School of Science and Technology of the Hellenic Open University, Patras (2003).  
  • Doctoral degree: Spatial Planning and Development engineering department of the Polytechnic School of AUTh. (2022).  


Geoinformatics in Urban Planning Applications, with an emphasis on Implementation Acts of Urban Planning Studies


  • Technical-Topographic Plan II
  • Road Construction I: Geometric Design of Roads
  • Implementation Acts, for Town Planning studies

Professional, Teaching and Research Experience:

Professional Experience (CV,p. 18)

  • Freelancer, with main activity, the preparation of studies for the State, but also on behalf of private individuals (1980-1991). Study degree in the categories (16) "Topographical studies" and (02) "Urban planning"
  • Contract employee, in the Local Self-Government B' grade, in the Department of Town Planning and Town Planning Applications, of the Prefecture of Serres (1983-1984). Responsible for the department of settlement and assessment of the obligations of owners and supervisors in the urban planning studies of the Prefecture of Serres, within the framework of the Urban Reconstruction Operation of Greece.
  • Permanent employee in the Local Self-Government of the first grade, in the Directorate of Technical Services of the Municipality of Serres, head of the Land Registry department and supervisor of the implementation acts. Researcher of the Serres Motorway (1991-2004).
  • From 01.12.2004, I assumed duties, at the level of application professor in the Department of Geoinformatics and Surveying, of the School of Technological Applications of TEI Serres, specializing in "Environmental planning of cities”.
  • Representative of the Technical Chamber of Greece, in the Technical Council of TEI Serres (1998-2000).
  • Member of the working group for the creation of the "Geoinformatics and Surveying" Department of TEI Serres (1999).
  • Member of the study program committee of the Department of Geoinformatics and Surveying of TEI Serres.

Teaching experience(CVp. 26)

  • Educational experience, up to my appointment (details in CV):
    • training in a Vocational Education and Training Organization, Vocational Training Center and Municipal Vocational Training Company of Serres.
    • in the position of professor of applications with incomplete qualifications in the department of civil engineering (from 1985 – 1996)
    • in the position of scientific associate with incomplete qualifications in the civil engineering department (from 1996 – 2001)
    • in the position of scientific associate with incomplete qualifications in the engineering department of Geoinformatics and Surveying (from2001–2004)
  • Educational experience, after my appointment (details in CV):
    • Detailed table with the courses, in the attached CV.   
    • Participation in the postgraduate study program "Interventions in existing buildings and urban ensembles: Reinforcements, reuse and spatial renewals", of the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying and Geoinformatics, of TEI Serres, during the academic years 2017-2018-2019(CV p. 32).
    • Supervisor in 94 degree theses and member of the 3-member committee, in 267 degree theses (CV p. 33-42)


Research Experience (CV p. 42)

  • Participation in 27 programs and connection with social agencies.

Publications - Writing work:

  • Articles in peer-reviewed journals: 12  (CVp.7)
  • Articles in refereed conference proceedings: 19 (CV p.8)
  • Papers in peer-reviewed conferences: 6 (CV p. 9)
  • Participation in collective projects: 3 (CV p. 10)
  • Writings books / monographs:  8 (CV p. 11)
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