At the Serres Campus of I.H.U. there are newly built facilities of 3,000 sq.m. specially designed for the operation of the Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering Department. The construction was financed by the European Union (2007-2009). The building infrastructure of the Department includes three (3) classrooms with a total capacity of 220 people, one (1) auditorium with a capacity of 220 people and eight (8) laboratories with a total capacity of 197 people as shown in the floor plan below



The building meets all modern specifications in terms of size, but also aesthetically, so that students can devote themselves and be concentrated to their subject of study..


The available material and technical infrastructure is competitive not only with the corresponding Greek, but also European academic departments and includes the following laboratories:

  • Databases & Geology Lab
  • Applied Informatics Lab
  • CAD and Urban Planning Applications Lab
  • Geodesy and GPS Lab
  • Sureveying Lab
  • GIS Lab
  • Cartography and Spatial Planning Lab
  • Urban Transformations and Urban Planning Lab

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